Monday, August 15, 2016

Design Wall Monday

I've been working on my Castle Wall blocks...  once I actually got them on the wall where I could step back and take a good look I've decided they are a little dark. So now I'm adding some lighter corners.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

On the Machine

One more row... and the border and I'm done with this one for my Mom!

Friday, July 8, 2016


I did not get a lot of pictures of this quilt... as it needed to be delivered as soon as it came off the frame.  

I've been longarm quilting for 17 years and I keep learning about who I am as a quilter.  My customer wanted boomerangs spinning in the blocks.  I thought, that sounds easy enough. I was wrong! Not for me!  What I learned is I'm a right brain quilter.  I can do intricate freehand designs with organic shapes all day long.  But if someone wants a structured design... forget it.  I need to either use a stencil or my computer....

I created a boomerang design and made a stencil...  but the fabrics are busy and I could not see the lines to follow them. When quilted they did not look like boomerangs!

 I searched and search for a digitized design with boomerangs.  I found nothing.  The design that my customer and I both agreed on is Decatur, Block 5 by Christy Dillon.

Anyway I'm pleased with the end results... I used my Quilt Gallery computerized system to do the block designs and quilted freehand Ribbon Candy in the sashing.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

On the Machine

I love the texture straight line can create!  I'm using the channel locks on my Quilt Gallery computerized system to quilt the border of this quilt.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Square Dance

I was thinking that you might like to see a few more pictures showing the details of the quilt, Square Dance, I quilted for Mary W. Kerr's book Twisted...

The quilters that participated in the project were sent quilt tops that Mary created out of vintage quilt tops, blocks, and segments of piecing that never found their way into a finished quilt. No instruction came with the quilt tops on how to quilt them...  quilt as desired.

The one thing that Mary asked was for us to document in pictures of our design process.  Some of these picture made their way in to the book...  I'm almost a excited to see "photography by Kim Stotsenberg" in print as I am of be part of this project!

Here are a few pictures that did not make it into the book...

 Those muslin squares are only 1.5" big....

 I love the overlapping swirls and the texture they create...

And how the straight line quilting contrast and compliments the swirls...

You can get your copy of Twisted here...