Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why Use a Black Light

After I posted about using my black light in my post about Sew Expo I got several questions about why I would want a black light.  Well, several reasons....   the first is because it's really fun with neon thread!!!

Seriously, you know when you are quilting white thread on white fabric and it's really, really hard to see?  With the use of a black light the white thread will glow purple... Well, everything glows, which makes it much easier to see where you are quilting!

With permission form my friend Tracey Browning I'm sharing a couple pix of her's so you can see the difference.

With the black light on...

And with just the white light....

Big difference!!!!

Also, believe it or not, the black light doesn't bother my eyes as much as the bright white light does sometimes....  I'm lucky that my A1 Elite Platinum has a build in black light  :-)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sew Expo

This last week my A1 Elite Platinum quilting machine and I have been sharing a booth with my friend Mech the owner of Perfect Borders ....   so much fun meeting new friends and visiting with great friends!!

When not busy showing what my machine can to new quilters and welcoming new A1 owners into the A1 family....  I've played with neon thread and my black light.  Also, exploring my modern quilting side!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Short Backing....

When a customer brings me a backing that is not 4" bigger on each side of the quilt top I pin these strips of muslin to it so I have something to clamp on to....

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quilt It

This last week I flew to Salt Lake City to film an episode on Quilt It the Longarm Quilting Show!!!   I had a great time, and I don't think I was too dorky!  Maybe a little...   LOL

This is me with Jodie Davis the host of the show....

I'm not sure when it will air, but I will keep you informed. (unless I look really dorky!)  hahaha

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ta Done.... Stack n Whack Quilt

I belong to a group of women that meet every Wednesday morning at the Senior Center...  some bring hand work such as embroidery, or binding.  A lot bring knitting and some bring nothing to work on.  Regardless of skills or anything else, these  ladies are the nicely most generous ladies you every want to meet!

The Senior Center doesn't charge us anything for the use of the room.  Instead we make them a raffle quilt once a year with the proceeds going to Meals on Wheels.  This year they were having a hard time deciding what to do for a quilt to donate,  Sooo, I got to thinking about the dozens or more shop and class samples I have that never been quilted.  I rummaged through them and came up with a Stack n Whack that I thought they would like.

I just finished quilting this earlier this week.  I've taken it to my good friend that would take it to the group for binding.  So anyway, I thought I'd share it with all of you.

The batting is Hobbs 80/20 black.  For the ruler work and block quilting I used InvisiFil by WonderFil in black.  For the freehand designs done in the secondary pattern that forms where the blocks meet I used Rainbow by Superior. (I will have to look up what color).  I also use 2 machines....

Yes...   I have two A1 machines on one table.  One is my older Elite, and the other is my newer Platinum with Quilt Gallery.  I used my Elite with the InvisiFil...   and the Platinum with the Rainbow.  (I did not use the Gallery.  This is all done freehand.  I thought the machine was going to be heavier with the Gallery on it, but once the belts were disengaged it moved like butter.  It move just like my Elite with no problems at all!

So for the freehand quilting I used designs from Just Leaf It....   first time I've done leaves in a long, long time.  I almost forgot how much fun they are....

 Piano Keys in the border...

 It was overcast the day I was taking pictures, so it was hard getting good once that showed the details...

 I haven't heard from the group...  so I hope they like it!