Friday, December 19, 2014

More Bubbles

I promised to try to get some better pictures on my Bubbles Three quilt....   I should of pressed it first!  There are fold lines.  Sorry about that!

I really need to find a better place to take pictures of my quilts....

A few close ups...

And this one for scale...  This little quilt is 18"x18"

And one more just because...

This is a class that I offer... If you would like to book a class in your studio or mine, let me know.  I also have hand outs available that I can sell.  If you are interested you can email me at  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Bubbles Three

I have been doing some quilting during my absence...  I call this Bubbles Three.  It's the third quilt in this series.   I haven't worked in series before, but have always like the idea. (Bubble One is the quilt in my banner up above...)

This is just a little quilt....   I used Magnifico thread by Superior in all the bubbles, and a dark grey InvisiFil thread for the background.  I like InvisiFil for background work.  It's 100wt poly thread. If you use a matching thread it basically melts into the fabric so you see the texture, and design of the quilting but  not the thread.


 I'll try to get some better pics tomorrow....

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bad, Bad, Bloger

I've been a bad, bad blogger this last year!!!!  The only reason I'm mentioning it here is, that several people mentioned my blog on another forum.  I've received several emails from people who follow me here....   I normally don't like to air personal issues here... 

Some of you know, those of you that are friends on FB, that last January while I was at Road to California my dog Mr Will went missing.  After weeks of trying to find him we came to the conclusion that he was killed by coyotes or a cougar.  We believe it was a cougar, because he was only out of Dan's sight for less than a minute, and Dan did not hear anything.  If it was coyotes he would of heard them fighting.  Mr Will would of fought back!  He would of taken at least one down with him!  He was a Terrier that didn't know he was small and was rather scrappy when it came to fighting. I witness him put a much bigger dog in it's place that tried to show dominance.  Anyway, I digress,

I went into a deep depression....  I can't even imagine how a parent feels when they lose a child.  I've lost pets before, and it's never easy.  The difference this time is it was so sudden.  No closer...  not know what really happened....

I still go to the shelter once a week hoping he is there...  I will always wonder, what if I see someone walking with him?  What would I do?
OK....  enough of that!!!  Before I start blubbering like a baby once more...

On the bright side of why I've been absent from here....   I've taken on a bigger position with A1 Quilting Machines!!!  I am now an Educator and Sales Representative.  With this new position for me it means that I am going to many of the major quilt shows to help run the booth!!!  which means...   I'm hardly ever home!  And when I am home, I setting up new machines all over Washington and Oregon, so I'm still not home.  LOL  I know, I know....   I can check in on my phone or my tablet, which I will make a big effort to do!  I do have some ideas for my blog....   more tutorials!  Maybe even a sew along, quilt along...  so stay tuned!

On the even brighter side....   we got a new puppy!!!   Well, he not really a puppy anymore, but you know...  Meet Little Will!!

Better known as Diaper Dog!!!   He is being really stubborn with potty training!

And he is not spoiled one bit at all!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014