Friday, May 4, 2012

New Sewing Machine

Dan found a new sewing machine that he thought I would just have to have...  and I did!  I love it...

It's a 1962 Singer Slant-o-Matic.  It's been nicknamed the Rocketeer...  (I just like saying 'Rocketeer'!  Try it!  It's fun!)

Isn't she a beauty!  Reminds of my Mom's Singer Touch-n-Sew that I learned to sew with...

She has oodles of built in stitches.

She also came with 5 cams with more decorative  stitches.  There are about 20 more cams available....  I've found some on ebay that I may have to bid on.

You can also raise the needle plate for freehand stitching.  (It's like dropping the feed dogs but the needle plate comes up to cover the feed dogs.)

Best of all she hums right along.  Now to find time to play and get to know this fabulous machine!

One other feature that I find really cool...  you can adjust the pressure foot for more or less pressure.


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