Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ta Done!!!

This quilt reminds me of my 6th grade bedroom.  My Mom let me choose the paint color and carpet!  Hot pink walls with white wicker furniture....  pink carpet and a pink and green comforter!

When my customer brought me this quilt all she said was she wanted flowers in the pink.  Other than that it was up to me....  that could be a dangerous thing to tell me ;-)

So flowers she got!

Those long stems really needed leaves...

The bottom part of the quilt had me stumped for a while....  but finally just went for!

I really like how the feathers turned out :-)

This is the first time I quilted for this customer and I kinda got a little nervous that I may of gone over board, but she loved it!!!  That's always a big relief :-)


  1. THIS IS AMAZING! WOW Kim! I LOVE how it turned out! The stems with the quilted leaves are perfect! CONGRATS on a wonderful finish!!!

  2. This is gorgeous. I love your feathers.

  3. gorgeous! I like the flowers in the pink background, but I love the feathers at the bottom - swoon!

  4. What a stunner! Love everything you did, especially the feathers on the border.

  5. Absolutely STUNNING!! So much blank space would have stumped many a quilter, but you've really brought the whole quilt to life. LOVE IT!!
    I had a totally bright pink bedroom for many years as a teenager ... can't remember the colour of the bedding though :)


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