Monday, July 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Looks like I''ve been awol once again...  I haven't really been doing much in the way of quilty stuff in the last couple weeks.  So anyway, I thought I should check in before you all send out the search party!
I have the same quilt on the wall that's been up there for several months now...  that's my Stackers 2 top..... It's up on the wall at Quilt Harbor, so I only get the chance to work on it if there isn't any shop samples to sew or kits to cut.

I'm using a new app (new to me) to write this post, so I''m not really sure where the pix will show up.  They may all show up at the end or all mix in the text.  So in a way this is a test...

We did take a trip to Goldendale.  Goldendale is a small town in Eastern WA where it's hot and sunny.  It's also where I grew up.... Had a nice visit with my parents and participated in the car show.  Let me tell ya, it was HOT!
That's a pic that was in the local paper....  our car is the second on the left.   Or the second1st car after the truck....   And you guessed it. That's Main Street!

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