Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Or should I say design bed?  I don't really have a big wall at home to use for a design wall... Big picture windows on all the outside walls and closets and such, so I laid these blocks out on my bed.

I started these blocks in the mid 90's.  I'd only work on them a little here and a little there.  I didn't think my applique was 'good enough' so they would get put away.  After going to the different quilt shows I realized I was being to critical on my workmanship.  My applique is just fine and since that realization I've been teaching applique techniques to beginners.

So anyway, I found these blocks that had been put away and finished the 4th block the other day...

When I went to block it the green started to run so I soaked it over night in sythralpol.  I remember this happening on one of the other blocks, but like I said it's been since the mid 90's so the memory is not fresh!  All the green came out of the background fabric so I'm happy...

I thought I would make another block but I know longer have the same background fabric.  The fabric I cut for the setting squares is close, but just a touch darker.  I think it will be fine once it's quilted.  (I have big plans for the quilt...)

I have enough of the pink left for a small border then a larger ecru border (for more quilting!)


  1. Have been in a bit of a hole lately..and have just caught up on your posts - which I LOVE.

  2. The applique quilt is fantastic can't wait to see it quilted up. I think a lot of us are too self critical, and have the same experience at shows.

  3. That is a gorgeous UFO! Glad you have found a solution to get that turned into a quilt and now can showcase your quilting talents with this piece as well. It's going to be a beauty I'm sure of it!

  4. I just graduated from a design "bed" to a design "wall." I never knew what I was missing!! Your applique looks very similar to the one on my frame now. Its taking me forever to quilt. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!!


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