Monday, December 17, 2012

A Little Christmas Quilting.. Ta Done

This was a really fun quilt to do...

I did a Holly Leaf Meander in the blocks...  kinda hard to see.

 Swirls in the sashing and holly leaves in the border...

Are you ready for Christmas???  Me...  I haven't even thought about it!


  1. Love the Holly!

    We're traveling again tomorrow but will be home in time for Xmas. Just Keith and I this year so not much thought needed!

  2. great quilting! Love the variegated thread, doesn't it really stand out on the black.

  3. LOVE those holly borders! Happy Holiday Season :)

  4. Terrific, as usual! Have a great holiday, Kim.


  5. I jusr have to make some jam and an iPhone case and I will be done! I can't believe I an done so early this year. It's a Christmas miracle! Obviously the world is really going to end Friday and it will have been all for naught.

  6. Great border! We have to worry about Christmas?? I thought the world was supposed to end Friday!

  7. Beautiful Kim :) I too love the borde


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