Friday, February 22, 2013

Show us your Socks

I'm a day late...  but what's new there?

Anyway, yesterday Judy Laquidara had a sock link up.   And since I just finished a new pair of socks, I thought I would join the fun...  even if I'm late!

I started this pair of socks about a year ago. (maybe not quite a year)  Got the first one finished then the second...  and the second one was 10 rows short in the foot!  I set them aside and hadn't touched them since.  So when a couple friends and I went to Olympia a couple weeks ago cause sock yarn was on sale...  I got inspired to rip out the too short sock and get it make correctly!

And of coarse my toes don't match...

My little helper doesn't look to happy...  maybe because we are having sideways rain today and he has to stay inside :-(

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