Monday, February 25, 2013

What's on your Wall???

Or table cloth as the case might be....

I've been intrigued by all the Hexie quilts I've been seeing all around the internet.  It got me thinking of the second or third quilt I ever started...  The second quilt class that I took back in 1991 was a hand piecing class.  I had grand illusions of making a whole quilt by hand.

At the shop I took this class there was this template that I had to have...

Then I promptly started buying fat quarters of every fabric that appealed to me and started making Granny Flower blocks.  You have to remember I started making these in 1991.  At that time I thought the only fabric one could use for background was muslin...  Don't ask me where I got that idea cause I don't know.

I made blocks and I'd put them away and make something else.  Then I would get them out and make a few more...  A lot of these were made while the Hubster was in the hospital (but that's another story...) 

Then at some point I decided that I'd start putting them up on my design wall which consisted of a flannel backed table cloth.  They stayed there for who knows how long...  until we were getting ready to move.  Then they got folded up and packed away.

These blocks have been packed away for 7 years since that move....  until yesterday.

I was going to press them and make them all nice before I took pix, but then I thought "why?"  They are probably going to be folded back up and put back in their container...  I feel like I should start putting them together, but when?  Between making socks and applique my time for hand work is already taken up.

Oh... I did fussy cut many of the blocks.

Some of the fabrics came from my Grandma's scraps...  like the green and rust print in the center of this one.

And some of the fussy cutting wasn't the best...  my light house are a little bit wonky.

And some newer fabrics crept in as the project progressed...

But the big,  BIG difference that I notice between my granny's and the new hexies...  are mine are hand pieced.  Not English Paper Pieced, but hand pieced with set in corners...

So I use to joke and call this "My forever quilt"  cause it's taking me forever to make!  You never know..  now that it's out of the box I may work on it once again.

As on every Monday...  you can head on over to Judy's and see what others have on their wall.


  1. Really lovely..Thanks for sharing. Your stitches are so tiny and perfect.

    1. Kim Stotsenberg

  2. Your hexies look great. If you don't think you can do a whole big quilt, how about a table topper, table runner, or placemat? They look to good to be packed away again.

    1. Thanks Gari
      I have enough blocks to make a quilt that is just about lap size... The hardest part is finding the time to work on it. Right now I'm really into making socks!!! lol

      Thanks again!


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