Monday, June 10, 2013

Ta Done.... Betty's Quilt

My customer picked up her quilt yesterday and was completely speechless when she saw it...  that's a good thing!  She said it was better than anything she could imagine.

When I had talked to her on the phone about the quilt the only thing she requested was a rope design in the grey border...  I used a rope or cable border stencil and chalked the design onto the border then quilted it.  I purposely do not try to backtrack exactly on my stitching line with this design.  I believe it gives it a more realistic and rope look... because ropes are not flat. 

This quilt is a wedding gift and the bride has graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy.  There for the nautical theme prints.  There are many themed prints in this quilt signifying the couples likes and hobbies...

I did quite a bit of Standing and Starring with this quilt before I decided on a plan.  I decide to do a simple cross hatching in the theme prints...


The little pinwheel blocks are what really had me stumped!

Once I had a plan and started marking some registration lines I saw the frame of negative space around the pinwheel...  so went with it by quilting straight lines and filling in with l's & e's (loops).

I really like the secondary designs this created...  and it blurs and marries the two blocks together.



  1. beautiful. And since it is for a wedding gift, your quilting gives it an "x" and "o" pattern (even if you didn't plan it that way)

    1. Thank you Teri!!! I never noticed the x and o pattern... we'll just tell everyone I planed it that way! lol

  2. I think what you planned is perfect! great thinking for the rope design, I like the look.

  3. You do such beautiful work Kim! Since I machine quilt I am always wondering how to achieve some of the patterns I see. I am so curious... how did you do the rope border? Your quilts constantly inspire me!


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