Sunday, September 22, 2013


Or: Will it Fly High? 

I'm don't feel that I'm very good at naming my quilts... This quilt started out as Going in Circles 2, or Will it Go Round in Circles 2?.  Will it Go Round in Circles 1 being the quilt in my banner pic... I came up with this name because the song Will it Go Round in Circles would play in my head while I was quilting these quilts.  Then I decided that the applique circle quilt could be called Will it Fly High since it's the second quilt in this series of  quilts and that is the second line in the song...  make since?

Then one day I posted pix of some very little tiny pebbles I was quilting on Facebook.  It became a joke about tiny bubbles...  So when I was filling out the registration form to enter this quilt in MQX West I decided to name it Bubbles.

Now that it's done...  I'm not sure which to call it.

This quilt started out to be a wall hanging for my 1958 retro pink bathroom...   As I got further along with the quilting I thought I just might enter it in a show... and then I did!  No pressure there!!!!  lol

I've been longarm quilting for almost 14 years now...  I'm mostly self taught and I still feel like I'm learning something new all the time.  With this little quilt I learned a lot!!!  

I learned that I should have a quilt at least 80% finished before I decide to enter it into a show.  It may be true that I work best under pressure with a deadline, but it's really nerve racking!

I learned as much as I like Kona Cottons...  they do not make a good back.  Every time I had to take something out it left holes in the fabric.  Not just little holes that will mend, but real holes that are not going away.

I learned that I don't really know anything about blocking a quilt....   and that I should of layered my wool batting over another batt.

I found myself saying "Oh well, that will give the judges something to tell me that I have room for improvement on"  I found myself  saying that a lot!

 Anyway...  this quilt is done and ready to be shipped.  I don't really have any expectations for this quilt.  It's just fun to share with others...  and I'm glad that I learn so much in the process.


  1. Kim your quilt is spectacular! I love it! I'm almost 14 years into this quilting adventure too and just entered my first quilt in a show. Yikes, I'm terrified of the judges comments, lol. I Love your attitude. I'll keep telling myself it will help me grow as a quilter. This entering stuff is both fun and nauseating at the same time, lol.

  2. I like your quilt very much. I love the circles and the colours and your quilting is great.

  3. I'm glad you've finished and can share it with us. It's a playful design enhanced by your quilting. I especially like the swirl inside one of the bubbles and the dark threads in your quilting. Good luck at the show!

  4. Love the quilt. Since it's for the bath, I think some name like "Tiny Bubbles" or "I'm forever blowing Bubbles" is a great thread. LOL I crack myself up. Get it? Thread? LOL


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