Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ta Done... Storm at Sea

I just have to say I love, love this quilt!  Sometime I get a quilt that make me feel like I need to make one for myself.  I know I have some light house squares somewhere that would work perfectly for this...

I quilted it with Heavy Metal designs...  new ones that I created just for this quilt.  These 2 new designs will be added to my class at MQX West in Portland, OR.  

I was able to quilt a whole row with one stop and start!  (that does not include the stitch in the ditch around the dolphin squares)  I love when that happens!!!  How to do that will also be included in class.

I was play with lighting while taking these pictures....  some have direct sun and others diffused...

Every once in a while I will miss a spot while quilting... which can interrupt my one stop and start for that row or border.  I will look at the location next to it and determine if I can catch it while quilting the next section.  If so I mark it with a pin, as I did in this border section...

Then when I come around that section of the block I can jump over to the border and finish the area I missed.

And with some quilts...  I really like the back just as much as the front!

Now where did I put those lighthouse squares???


  1. I love it! The quilting fits it perfectly.

  2. Thank everyone! I really did hate to see that Storm at Sea go home... There are some quilts I'd really like to keep and that was one :-)


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