Monday, December 22, 2014

Design Wall Monday... Scrappy Log Cabin

I belong to a group of ladies that meet every Wednesday morning....  Kind of a Sit and Stitch. No dues. No rules. Some people bring hand sewing. Some bring knitting or crochet.  Some just come to have coffee and visit, but each of us are quilters at heart.  We have a quilt show once a year...  usually the same time as the big car show in hopes to bring more people in to take a look.

Every year we have a challenge quilt that most of us try to participate in.  The idea is that everyone has a quilt done for the quilt show.  This year everyone is to make a log cabin quilt.  Again, no rules.

I've always wanted to make a scrappy log cabin quilt every since I started making quilts in 1990.  When ever I'm done with a project I cut the left over fabric into 1.5" strips in the hopes to one day make my scrappy log cabin.  I separate these strips into small bins.  One for dark strips and one for light strips.  Well....   these bins were starting to over flow!!!  Annndddd, this challenge is just the push I need to make my quilt!!!  Wooohoooo

I've finished 22 blocks so far.  Here's 20 of them laid out on my bed.  (I should of made my bed before taking the pix!)

I haven't decided yet how I'll lay them out...  this lay out is just to see how they look together.

I don't know why I'm surprised by how many purple scraps I have!!!  Well, actually I'm not!  If you are, then you don't know me as well as you thought you did.  LOL

While sewing my blocks together every so often I come across a light that is really darker than what I want for my light side of the cabin.  Instead of setting it a side...  I turn it over an use the wrong side, or the back side.  Someone once told me that I paid for both sides of the fabric so there is no reason not to use them!!!

See the top light log...   that is the back side of that fabric!

Here's the back side of the block...  see how much darker that fabric is!  Too light to go in the dark bin, but darker than I wanted for my lights.

If you have some time...  go on over to Judy's to see what everyone has on their wall!!!


  1. Yes, the log cabin has been on my bucket list, too. Love the orangy centers.

  2. Love your blocks. It looks like you have been in my scraps as I see lots of familiar fabric.


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