Saturday, May 9, 2015


Or otherwise what we longarm quilters call "wavy border"...  Every once in awhile as a quilter for hire you will receive a quilt that has a little bit of fullness and you have to work it in as to get no puckers while you quilt.

A few months back I received a set of tools from Groovy Gal Quilts...  I watched their videos and thought to myself that they could come in handy.  I promptly put them away and totally forgot about them...   bad me!

So I'm working on this friendly little quilt when something reminded me I had these tools.  Great time to give them a test run...

Once I rolled the quilt top I pinned down the border like I normally do...

Then I steamed it really well and did my basting along the edge and my stitch in the ditch to keep everything in place...

Watched the Platter Tool video one more time, and place the tool around my hopping foot...

Then quilted!!!  I was concerned that it would push all the fullness to the center of the border, it did not!!!  The fullness was laid down and NO Puckers!!!

I was very impressed!!!

So then I decided to do a video so you could see how it worked...  This is with one of the smaller Circle Tools.  I believe it may be my new best friend!!!

I'm not affiliated with Groovy Gal Quilts...  Just impressed with their tools!!!!


  1. looks like a tool that I need. quite a few of my Customers give me wavy borders and otherwise wonky quilt tops. Thanks for the video.

  2. This definitely would come in handy!! Thanks 😊

  3. How I wish that the glide n go platter tool could be used with the home machine! It looks like it works beautifully! edge to edge.....

  4. I am ordering some of these too! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!!!!


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