Monday, July 13, 2015

New Heavy Metal Border

I've been playing with a new Heavy Metal border...  

This is not in my book Heavy Metal...  so I thought I would share here how I do this.  It's really quick and fun to do!

First thing you need is a few registration marks.  I use my 1 1/2" Design with Lines template to mark my border.  You could use the 2" template if you desire.
Second:   I stitch a swirl down the first registration line.  Then back up.
 Third:  Stitch across to the next registration line. (This will either be off the edge of the border or in the ditch depending on your border.)  Repeat quilting swirls down and up each registration line until your reach the end of your border.
Fourth:  Echo your swirl back to the beginning...
This finished the design...   Super simple!  Super fun!


  1. Thanks Kim, I though how pretty this was when I saw the video yesterday.

  2. This is great Kim! I can see using it in several of my current quilts. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Kim, I have the book too and really like this, Denby


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