Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hugs and Kisses for Brenda

The morning after hearing the news I decided I needed to make Brenda a quilt that she could take with her for her treatments.  I didn't want to make a pink quilt for breast cancer.  I wanted to make a quilt in colors that would bring her joy, so I text Dave...

Me "What's Brenda's favorite color?
Dave "I don't know. Reds?"  "Orange?"
(me to myself... "that doesn't sound right")
Me "What colors does she wear most often?"
Dave "Black and pink."

OK....  so I pulled every pink fabric in my stash along with some blacks and greys.  I decided to do a quilt I saw on YouTube from Missouri Star Co. ( Let me tell you, if you are a perfectionist this is not a pattern for you :Hypnotized:  I should know that, for me anyway, quick, shortcuts equal no perfection  :Thinking: )  Anyway, I cut strips... sewed, cut some more and sewed some more.

Now that it's done...  I really do like it!

W&N batting.  King Tut on top and Glide in the bobbin.  Quilting is simple swirls...  I love the texture they create!

When laying out the blocks I tried to created X's and O's  with fabric placement...  I want to wrap Brenda in Hugs and Kisses.

I used the left over strips to make a piano key border...

The rest of the left over fabric went on the back...  sometimes I have more fun making the back than I do the front!

I bought this cat fabric a few years ago to make Pj bottoms...  never got round to it.  It was purr-fect for this quilt!!!


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