Monday, March 7, 2016

On the Wall

This last week I just couldn't find any time to make any more Dresdens for my Wild Flower quilt. Nothing new to show you there...

On Wednesday I meet with several ladies for applique...  At the end of last year they decided they wanted me to teach them my beginning applique hearts class.  For some it's a refresher and for our newest member it's all new. Over 9 weeks we are making applique heart blocks each with a different technique. 

We started with needle turn. I like needle turn because there is no prep work...  You mark your shape. Cut it out and applique. 

Then we did cut away needle turn...  It's basically the same, but you don't cut your whole shape at the beginning. You cut a little as you go.  This is great for Hawaiian type applique.  Sorry not pic... of this block.

The third block is freezer paper on top.  This is fabulous for when you have a busy print and you can't find a pen that will show in the light area or the dark area at the same time.  Every one always gets nervous with this one.  I tell them...  just keep going.  It will turn out!

Looks good ones the paper is off...

The Fourth week was needle turn over freezer paper.  This is also good for fabrics you don't want to mark, but not good for shapes with tight areas.  I like have the edge of the freezer paper to help keep the edge of the shape sharp while turning, but I don't like removing the paper... opps...  no pic of that one either.

Then last week we did starch over Templar and glue baste the shape down.  I like this technique because when you sit down to stitch everything is ready and all you have to do is stitch.  I don't like all the prep work tho!!!

Here's four blocks completed...  not sure where the fifth heart is.

If you have time...  pop on over to Judy's to see what everyone is working on!

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  1. Sounds like a great class to learn several applique techniques! I love your bright hearts on the black backgrounds.


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