Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cat's Meow

This another quilt pieced and appliqued by my longarm friend.  The one who sold her machine and retired....

Anyway, it's called Cat's Meow by Lunch Box Quilts.  I absolutely love it!!!  It's one I wish I could keep!!!

Piano keys in the border...  background fills galore!  I used InvisiFil by WonderFil for all the background.  I think the color is Silver. Then I match thread color for the sashings.  Some of them are Magnifico and some are Glide.

 I tried to do something different in each cat block...

I much fun with the background fills around the blocks.

I just love the paw prints that go all around!

I may of gotten carried away with the sashings....   LOL

These are the threads I used...

If you have some time head on over to MQResource. This is their featured quilt of the week...  :-)

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