Saturday, November 12, 2011

A little bit more happenings...

First of all...  A great big Thank You to everyone that has commented on my last post!  You are all wonderful!!!  It's truly a gift to have you has my friends!!!

The amount that we settled with from the insurance company didn't even come close to the amount that we would need to replace my car.  I know it's an older car... not quite a classic, but they only made a very limited number of them.  We could get it fixed...  but the punks who took it still have my keys.  Yes, we can change the locks, but still...  it's been violated. 

The sentimental attachment to this car is that it was a surprise...  a birthday present from Dan.  Not going to tell you which birthday...  ;-)  But I had came home to find this car in my garage with balloons tied to it.  That's pretty special considering that most birthdays I don't even get a card...

So after about a month of looking Dan finally found me a car that was in our price range...  A 1998 Cadillac De Ville.  Yep, a great big boat.  Floatation devices are optional if you want to ride with me.  Anyway, it's a little older than I wanted but is really, really nice with low mileage.  I would of preferred something smaller, but we couldn't find anything as nice as this car in the same price range.  Sorry... the weather has been to gloomy to get any good pix.

Here's another quilt that I've quilted recently...

Love the bright colors!!!  I quilted it with what I call 'Butterfly wing meander'.


  1. Your "Butterfly wing meander" is genius! I just love it. So pretty and airy. Love, love love.

  2. I really like your butterfly wings! It's so cheerful and fun. I love seeing what other quilters do b/c even if I don't try to copy, the inspiration helps me with my designs.

    Very sorry to read about your stolen car. It's difficult dealing with the insurance claim, even when the company is being fair. There's still frustration and the whole process requires more patience than most of us have in our reserves. Hope you grow to enjoy your big boat. We often name our cars. Perhaps yours could be the Ark. LOL!

  3. Love your quilting as always, I'm glad you got a car and can put the whole situation behind you.

  4. Great that your car has been replaced... so love your quilting !!


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