Friday, March 30, 2012

Dandelion Fantasy

My friend Wilma helped me come up with the name for this quilt...  Dandelion Fantasy.  Naming my quilts is not something that I'm very good at, so I take all the help I can get.

I finished piecing this quilt a week or so ago....

Now for the $100,000 question...  Do I add a border?  My plan was to leave it as is but Susan, the owner of Quilt Harbor, thinks it needs a border.  What do you think????

If I do add a border which fabric should it be???  Or maybe a piano key border???

OK...  I know you all want to see some quilting.   Soon!  I promise!


  1. I vote for no border..I think it looks great just like it is.

  2. The quilt is pretty busy, which makes the pattern design work. Very nice by the way. I vote for no border, let the design shine. I border will be distracting. IMHO

  3. I would not put a border on this quilt. The only reason I would consider one is if the larger size would be more useful. But I feel design-wise, this is finished. I like the name you have given this!


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