Friday, June 15, 2012

And sometimes you have to take time to play...

I have zippers on my leaders for the backing fabric...  love my zippers.  There are all kinds of ways to attach your backing to your leaders and new gadgets coming out all the time.  What I like about my zippers is if I'm working on a customer quilt and get the notion to play...  I can just zip one off and zip my play sandwich on!

That's what I've done...  I'm working on a large customer quilt with lots of custom quilting when I got a new idea in my head that I had to try right away.  So I zipped her off and zipped my on...

That border is just a little over 2"....  and this next one is even smaller!

I love doing little tiny feathers...  and when using metallic thread you have to lay a lot down cause it's so pretty!

Looks like I could of centered that arc a little better...

Now back to my customer quilt!

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  1. Oh Wow Kim - I see another quilt book coming up ?? - ever hopeful...or a video ....still hopeful .. What thread are you using? i have never used metalic thread!

  2. Love your playtime! The borders are really cute and I like the way the arcs use pieces of that same motif. Thanks for sharing.
    (another) Kim / SeeingStars

  3. Love metallic thread on black fabric and your tiny feathers are gorgeous!!


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