Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today's the last day....

Today is the last day to enter to win my little give away....  You have to go to this post to do so.  The prize is a hand made thread catcher that I showed my last post....

I had a comment saying that went they clicked on the link it took them to a post about customer quilts and not the thread catcher...  That is correct.  There is no mention of the thread catcher in that post.  Just the give away.  You have to read the whole post to find out how to enter.  At the time I posted the give away I hadn't decided what the gift would be....  therefore, just how to enter :-)

I hope this clears up any confusion....

I know I do have the tendency to only look at pictures posted on blogs and not read the words, so I understand how the confusion can happen.  I've really made an effort not to this anymore.  I make myself wait until I have time to read the post before I even visit any of the blogs I follow.  If I don't read the post I'm only getting half the story, and that's kinda like standing in the rain without a hat :-(

So...  no pictures today!  Here's hoping that everyone is having a fabulous weekend :-)

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