Sunday, August 19, 2012

Antique Roadshow

Sometime back, about January or February, I saw a notice telling us that Antique Roadshow was coming to Seattle.  So I immediately went to the website to find out how to get tickets.

Well, you can't buy tickets.  You have to win them.  They do it by the lottery system.  So I filled out the form and submitted it.  Held my breath for another couple months until I got the email to check my status...

I WON!!!!

I won, and yesterday was the day.  Each of us got to bring 2 items.  I knew when I applied for the tickets what one of my items would be...

George...  I knew I would take George.  George belonged to my Grandmother, my dad's Mom.  She made custom draperies in Southern California, and my Dad's step Dad hung them.  He (Dad's step Dad) was a bit of a decorator and brought many items home to decorate the family home... George was probably one of those items.  He does have a signature and I have googled the name several time, but have never found anything. 

The appraiser at the Antique Roadshow didn't have any better luck, but said George looked to be from the early 40's and was in excellent condition.  He categorized George as a declarative piece but not something a collector would be searching for.  That's fine with me...  cause I love George.  I've loved him since I was little!

When we were getting ready to leave for Seattle I still hadn't decided on what else to bring.  Dan suggested that I take my rhino bank...

So that's what I took.  I got this from my other Gramma.  It was a gift to her when she was a very young child, and that's about all I know.

He or she is what they call a Still Bank.  There are mechanical banks that move, then there are still banks that don't move.  In excellent condition and somewhat rare.  I guess lions were much more popular in the early 1900's...  He or she (really needs a name!  I was thinking something like Stella the Rhino)  was originally painted gold.

All in all we had a wonderful time and learned a lot...  It was really interesting to see the behind the scenes activities of the Antique Roadshow  :-) 

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