Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Quilt Went to Houston....

While I stayed home....

Do you remember this post?  And sometimes you have to take time to play...  Well, I finished that quilt and it made it debut in the A-1 Quilting Machines booth at MQX West a couple weeks ago.   

See it hanging there on the right?
 Now it's in the A-1 booth in Houston.  Which really somehow isn't fair that I didn't get to go with it :-(  Oh well, maybe next time!

So, your saying "Let's see some pictures on the quilting."  Right?

I used a copper colored metallic thread from WonderFil on the front...


And Glide from Fil-Tec on the back...

If you're on facebook, make sure to check out Fil-Tec's page....  the back of my quilt is featured as their cover photo right now :-)

And if you're in Houston...  stop by the A-1 booth to see it up close and personal.  (while I sit here at home and pout that I'm not there!)


  1. Beautiful! Particularly like the ribbon curl where you added the extra curl inside to create something really special ... and the pebbles, but then I'm really into pebbles at the moment :)


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