Friday, July 26, 2013

On the Needles (or loom...)

Over at Judy L's you will find a link up on Fridays to share your current knitting project...  I don't really knit with needles. (I can make a dishcloth...) I knit my socks with a loom!

I usually try to match my stripes from one to the other, but I always end up with a lot of left over yarn.  So the last pair of socks I decided to see if I could make one pair of socks from ball of yarn by not worry about matching the stripes.  The answer was no....  I had to add the second ball of yarn just to finish the toe of the second sock!!!  

With this pair I'm experimenting with a contrasting yarn for the heal and toe in the hopes that I will get both socks from one ball of yarn....   so far so good.


  1. How do you turn the heel on a loom? So interesting!

  2. Very cool! I didn't know you could make socks on a loom, and these are very attractive.

  3. Socks on a loom. So neat. Tell us more.

  4. Great color and good idea to have a contrasting heel and toe! I also didn't know you could make socks on a loom...very clever.

  5. Thanks everyone!!! I posted more about the loom and a link to a video on turning the heel and toe...


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