Friday, September 6, 2013

On the Needles (Loom)

It's that day again...   and it looks like I may have missed a week or two!  Last Friday we were camping...  no internet and barely any cell service if you stood on one foot in the middle of the field facing northeast.

Remember this sock?  I did get some done on my second sock while camping...  :-)

I probably could of gotten it done last night while watching TV, but it was thundering and lightening...  and that makes me really nervous!

With it being a gray and rainy day I was having a hard time getting the colors to photograph...  but I did get one good one of the colors :-)

I always get questions about turning the heel, so here's the youtube that shows how it's done.

As always, don't forget to go see what everyone is doing over at Judy's.


  1. beautiful socks thanks for including the video on how you knit

  2. Pretty colors! And an interesting way to do it.

  3. How fascinating. I've never seen a sock loom. Where do I get one and do I need to know how to knit socks with dpn or circular needles to use it? I think I could master a pair of socks with this type of knitting machine. Thanks so much for showing your video. Now I'm off to find out more about that loom.


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