Monday, December 15, 2014

Bubbles Three

I have been doing some quilting during my absence...  I call this Bubbles Three.  It's the third quilt in this series.   I haven't worked in series before, but have always like the idea. (Bubble One is the quilt in my banner up above...)

This is just a little quilt....   I used Magnifico thread by Superior in all the bubbles, and a dark grey InvisiFil thread for the background.  I like InvisiFil for background work.  It's 100wt poly thread. If you use a matching thread it basically melts into the fabric so you see the texture, and design of the quilting but  not the thread.


 I'll try to get some better pics tomorrow....


  1. Oh LOVE this!! So want to try my hand at this!

  2. Beautiful work! I'm going to have to try Invisafil--love the quilting effect of just the design and not the thread.


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