Monday, December 29, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Man these Mondays come around fast!!!

Being Christmas last week, I did not do anymore work on my Log Cabin Quilt.  I didn't work on anything to tell the truth, but I thought I would share a hand project that I have going.

A month or so ago I start piecing these Castle Wall blocks.  They are pieced by hand.  Over at MDQuilts you can see a picture of Mickey Depre's quilt top...  Which I fell in love with and just had to do!  She also has templates for sale....  I believe the price is going up January 1st, so you better get then now!  There is also a 3 part tutorial on piecing these fabulous blocks!!!

I have four blocks finished...  Here are the 1st three.

And number four...

I am really loving the process of hand piecing these...

If you have time...  take a look at what everyone else is working on over at Judy's!

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