Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why Use a Black Light

After I posted about using my black light in my post about Sew Expo I got several questions about why I would want a black light.  Well, several reasons....   the first is because it's really fun with neon thread!!!

Seriously, you know when you are quilting white thread on white fabric and it's really, really hard to see?  With the use of a black light the white thread will glow purple... Well, everything glows, which makes it much easier to see where you are quilting!

With permission form my friend Tracey Browning I'm sharing a couple pix of her's so you can see the difference.

With the black light on...

And with just the white light....

Big difference!!!!

Also, believe it or not, the black light doesn't bother my eyes as much as the bright white light does sometimes....  I'm lucky that my A1 Elite Platinum has a build in black light  :-)


  1. Superior's Bottom Line thread in LACE white glows under a black light. It works great.


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