Friday, February 19, 2016

On The Hook

During the winter I always have an uncontrollable need to work with yarn!!!

Have you seen the Temperature Blankets?  If you don't know what that is, it's a crocheted or knitted afghan...  you assign a temperature range to your yarn selection.  Then each day you keep track of the high temp of the day and add a row to your blanket with that color.

Somewhere I saw a post about doing a temperature blanket and thought it sounded fun...  I've been wanting to make a random striped afghan for several years but felt a little intimidated by the thought.  This gave me the push I needed!

This is my selection of yarns and their assigned temperatures...

I am wishing that I would of given my plum yarn a little bigger temperature range....  as we don't see that many really cold days!  That means there is not going to be much purple...

This is the first week of January...  not going to be seeing much teal either.

I decided to show the updated blanket as of last Tuesday...

I'm afraid there is going to be a lot of pale turquoise and green....   LOL!

 I only have been working on it one night a week...  so on the other nights while watching TV I've been making hexies for a scarf.  I'm using Lion Brand Amazing yarn in Strawberry Fields colorway. 

I love these colors and making these hexies!!!

You can find this pattern over at Attic 24's blog.

My stacks of hexies grew really fast!!!

I've decided to make my scarf into more of shawl or stole shape... Thinking it would be a cozy wrap when I fly.

 You may have noticed the washer as my backdrop in many of my pictures and might be wondering why?  The washer and dryer are right by the back door which has a window in it and I get the best reflective light on our gray and rainy days.

So there you go....  I'm not just a quilter.  I enjoy many textile arts when I'm not quilting. What other textile arts to do you enjoy???

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