Monday, February 29, 2016

On the Wall

Has anyone else signed up for Creativebug???  I think there is a one month free trial. The first class I put in my library was one on Dresden Plates by Kathy Doughty.  Love!!!

So after watching her class I got to thinking about this Jelly Roll Race quilt top I did a few years ago.  I didn't use a store bought Jelly Roll.  I cut up a bunch of 2.5" strips from a box of fall colored fabrics and away I went.  I really, really didn't like the way it turned out so it went into my closet.  Anyway, I thought this quilt top would be perfect to add some Dresden Plates to.  Just for fun...  just to play.  What could it hurt?  I didn't like the top anyway!

So I started making plates...  I now call them flowers!

That was fun...  lets make another!  I really liked this one on it's own but not too sure about it on the quilt top.

So added a third...

The one on the top left corner just bends to much...  I'll make some more!

Still not happy with that one...  but I really, really like this one!

And this!

Let's move them around a bit... and add one more!

And another...

I've decide I like the flowers to be more contrasting to the quilt top.  Lets them pop!  You can also I see that I keep move the big centers around from flower to flower...  I have a few more to make, and what has been fabulous is I'm only using fabrics I already have.  No new fabrics!!!  I can't wait to make more!!!

Sorry that some of the pictures are a bit blurry...  I took the same pic about 5 times and it didn't get better.

What's on your wall????  Check out what everyone is doing over at Judy's!

Oh yeah!  I've named this quilt Wild Flowers!!!  I think I'm starting to like it :-)

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