Saturday, February 27, 2016

On the Hook

I forgot to post this yesterday...  dang it!

Here's this weeks progress on my temperature blanket...  Our weather is so mild right now that you really don't see a lot of change from one week to the next.  I think that will be changing soon.  Hopefully!  LOL

Also I started sewing another row of my hexies onto my my scarf/shawl... 

I love the way that it's looking so much that I have decided to make it into a blanket!!!  So now I need to figure out how many more skeins I need!

First step is to see how many hexies I can get out of one skein...

Eight!  I can get eight hexies out of one skein. 

I think I want 10 rows across and 12 rows down...  I haven't decided if I want to try making half hexies to fill in at the top and bottom yet.  I'll decide that when I get there. So anyway, I will need at least 120 hexies.  As of now I have 57 done...  so that means I need 63 more...  63 divided by 8 is 7.875...  This means I need to order at lest 8 more skeins!!!  So I'll probably order 10 so I have enough to do and edging.

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