Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pumpkin Seed Quilting

I'm never really sure what to call it. Some call it 'pumpkin seed'... And I found reference to this pattern in Quilting with Style by Gwen Marston & Joe Cunningham as 'tea cup' or 'wine glass'. If there is another common name... please leave a comment and let me know.

I used this pattern in one of the large border in the Butterfly Kisses quilt. Here's a video on how I marked my grid and quilted this border....

I just realized that last 2 minutes of my video were cut off... and it has been deleted from my computer and camera... grrr I guess I'm still learning the editing portion of making videos! That teaches me to clean up my files before I watch the whole video through, which I should of done before I uploaded it to youtube... After editing and watching it back and forth more than several times... I got tired of hearing myself!

Here's a pic of the completed pumpkin seed border....

In my last post... the tools I used to quilt the feather motif are: Clover Chaco Liner for marking, Renae's 23" arc, and a 2 1/2" circle from Gadget Girls...


  1. hey kim-

    i use to call it pumpkin seeding too....then on one of my LA forum, they call it continious curves (CC) so i call it that now, but i think pumpkin seed is better...

    happy stitchn'

  2. Brilliant use of the stencil! It's one of those things I bought at my first show and have never used it. I'll have to dig it out! (I call it what ever comes to mind at the time, but more often than not I call it a pumpkin seed or CC)

  3. great video Kim...you've gotten the hang of the video stuff now!

  4. Another great video! I quilt myself in a corner too...no matter how well I think I figured the path out, nice too know I'm not alone! The quilting is beautiful.

  5. Nice work, Kim. You make it look so smooth and easy. The finished border is beautiful.

  6. Great video Kim - I have a quilt in mind to use that on - thanks.


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