Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 A Year in Quilts

Here's a wrap up of this years quilts...  in no particular order.

1. Doris's pastel quilt  and here,  2.my Stackers Delight and here,  3.Cathleen's sampler quilt, 4.Kathy's pansy quilt,  5.a few Swirls,  6.and Starting with a Swirl Class Sampler quilt.

1. How I like to play,  2.antique crazy quilt and here,  3.Flying Geese,  4.still playing,  5.Sam&Sue,  
and here, 6.pastel medallion quilt and here.

1.Granny's Iron Flutterbies, 2.Cindy's Flower Power,  3.Doris's pastel Kaffe quilt, 4. Day of the Dead quilt,  5. Donna's Garden Twist and here, and a Laurel Burch Christmas quilt.....

There are a few quilt from last year that didn't make it into these collages...  no particular reason, just not enough room for them all.

Thank you everyone for a fabulous year of quilts and classes.  Can't wait to do it all over again this year!

sSo here's wishing everyone a joyous and wonderful New Year!!!

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